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Angular CLI vs WebPack

Many technologies have been emerging for supporting web development. In order to stay up to date with the trends, it is essential that developers always update their knowledge with the latest happenings in the technology sector and the major changes that follows them. We are going to discuss and contrast two such technologies and see what sets them apart from each other.

In this article we are going to discuss What is Angular CLI and What is WebPack, compare the two similar technologies and see which one is better at web designing.

What is Angular CLI?

Angular CLI is a Command Line Interface that you can use in order to develop and maintain angular applications. You can  use this tool to initialize, develop, scaffold and maintain different Angular applications as per your angular development needs. You can use this tool by using it directly in the command line shell or indirectly through an interactive UI such as Angular Console.

This is a command line based tool that is provided by angular and is installed by default when you first install and use angular for the first time. This command line tool is used for creating angular apps of varying uses and features as per your needs. In most cases it is used for creating single page applications for different websites and they complement well with the webpages.

The Angular CLI can be used for much more purposes than just creating angular applications.

It can be used to create components, pipes, services, directives and more. It is also useful in building, serving, testing and many other purposes.The Angular CLI itself is quite something useful to learn about and it makes the angular development workflow much easier as well as much faster than its predecessors.

Angular CLI can ease your development work by helping you set up and maintain your angular projects. Angular CLI is able to provide you with full control over everything that happens to your angular application.

What is WebPack?

Webpack is nothing but a packager or a static module bundler for modern JavaScript applications. When webpack processes your applications, it internally builds a dependency graph  that is able to provide mapping for every module that you use and the modules that your project needs and generates one or more bundles.

As of this writing WebPack has now been integrated with the latest version of Angular CLI and so you don’t have to use the configuration file to configure and setup your Webpack module bundler.

Webpack is a module bundler primarily used for JavaScript applications, but it has the ability to transform front end assets such as HTML, CSS and all the images if the corresponding loaders are included. It is able to take modules and dependencies and generates static  assets that represent those modules.

Webpack is useful for taking and implementing the dependencies as well as generates a dependency graph that allows web developers to easily use and implement a modular approach for their web application development purposes. Webpack can be used from the command line or it can be configured using a config file which is named webpack.config.js. This file is used to define various plugins, rules, and many more for a project. Webpack is highly extensible via rules that easily allows developers to write custom codes and tasks that they want to perform  when bundling the files together.

NodeJS is required when you want to use and harness the features of Webpack.

Webpack is able to provide code on demand that uses the moniker code splitting technique.

It also provides a built in development server called the Webpack that can be used as an HTTP server for serving development files while developing applications. Webpack also provides the ability to use hot module replacement.

Lets compare and contrast Angular CLI with Webpack.

Angular CLI


Angular CLI is the command line interface for angular applications Webpack is a task runner and module bundler for JavaScript Applications.
Angular CLI provides full control for angular applications. Webpack does not provide any control for the code you write. The control is provided by third party applications.
Angular CLI cannot transform the front end assets such as HTML and CSS. Web pack has the ability to transform all the front end assets such as HTML, CSS, and all the images
As of date Webpack is bundled with Angular that provides features exclusive to webpack for developing angular applications Webpack can also be used for other activities other than bundling applications such as for angular development.

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So now you see the major development of angular can be done using webpack that is now integrated with angular cli and the angular development environment. We have now stated what Angular CLI is and for what it is used for as well as What is webpack and what are its uses. If you are looking to hire angular developers then you can contact us at

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