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Remote Developers

Remote Developer Guide: How To Work Remotely As a Software Developer

How can you master remote working? Is it easy to work remotely? Let’s find out the ways how you can become a successful remote software developer.

With this period of quarantine since everyone is locked down and forced to stay in their home businesses and offices are left with no choice but to start working remotely. 

Today due to Covid-19 and its vicious pandemic effects on the globe, not just India but all the countries in the world are living in remote situations.

Due to these outbreaking results of coronavirus entire businesses of the globe had fallen. Companies, be it small, medium or large enterprises everything has either shut down or are working from home. All the employees, in this case, are managing to work remotely while maintaining a safe social distance. 

Remote Work

Remote work is a working style in which professionals work specifically from home and outside their traditional office environment. In this practice of work the first thing that needs to be focussed is productivity and quality of work. 

Whether it was your long-held dream to work from home or you suddenly found yourself working from home due to the current events, the central word there is “work.”

This blog is to help you with the best practices to stay on top of your project deadlines without virtually micromanaging your team. 

But first, since you’re switching into remote work developer because of Coronavirus you need to –

  • Remain positive and keep yourself cool and calm.
  • Create a plan and communicate it to your team
  • Create a work routine and ask your team members to remain active
  • While working remotely don’t’ forget to maintain hygiene. 
  • Keep motivating your employees while they work from home. 

Best Practices To Help Your Team Work Remotely 

While living in a locked-down state what are the best ways to manage and motivate a remote team?

Check out the below list of tips –

Give Flexibility

With everyone adjusting to this new remote work style you must give your team a chance to get used to their new remote work process. 

Instead of piling workloads on them with strict deadlines give them the flexibility to finish up their work. And in case if the work gets delayed, don’t just start panicking. 

You should give your team members time to learn how to ignore distractions they don’t face in-house. Especially if they’re living in a joint family and juggling with children and spouses at home. 

It is not easier for employees to just get invisible for a few hours and work dedicatedly. Thus give your employees some flexibility so that they can manage both home and work efficiently. 

Use Your Commute Wisely

Working from home means you no longer need to travel to which you may think you can sleep late and wake up till late. Follow the same work routine you used to follow. With this, you will be able to manage your time efficiently.

You can use your commute to be more productive. You will end up saving extra time which you used to spend on traveling to distant places. Resulting, you will get the advantage of doing things you haven’t got time to do before. 

Wanted to do exercise and do some workout? Now it is your chance. After finishing your work, take up all the activities. Read the book you bought a year before, watch all the shows you missed, enjoy the nice long breakfast with your family. Use the time doing everything you wanted to do. 

Schedule Daily Check-ins To Make Communication Better 

There’s no such effective thing to follow in work from home than “proper communication”. It doesn’t matter in what field you work, daily communication is a must to make work smoother. So to avoid confusion among remote software developers take daily follow-ups and keep every remote developer in sync. The daily check-ups with all your team-mates will help you know where everyone is progressing. 


Don’t Work All Day and Night

One of the downsides of working from home is that work always remains around you. You cannot finish that “one last thing” as it goes on increasing. Also when you work from home you lack instant in-house support and guidance. 

Thus just because you are stepped inside doesn’t mean you’ll spend all your hours working. Working all the time sitting in one place isn’t healthy. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in your own living room. So make sure to set a clear goal of work between work and home. Take necessary tea and coffee breaks in-between to keep your mind active and fresh. 

If you’re a remote developer and are working from home, make sure you leave your work once it is done. Don’t just keep coding and practice development even when you’re finished with your office work.

Remote Software Developer Can Work 


Working from home isn’t easy for everyone especially if you’re a developer. Because all your work is connected with your workplace servers and systems. In this remote developer, work may seem difficult and tough to practice. But since it’s the only choice you’re left with, think of all the positive things it is offering. Think of this situation as your test and you’ll find the best options to work as a remote software developer. 


  • If your team is working remotely, follow the above practices and help everyone to get accustomed smoothly. 
  • Ensure clear and regular communication with your remote developers to keep their remote developer work go smoother and faster. 
  • Help your employees during this time and remain calm to go through these uncertain times. Help everyone to manage and minimize their workloads. Also, trust your team members while they are working remotely. 
  • When you all will return back to the office, everyone will have a better experience with remote developer work if needed in the future. 


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